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Is Arctus free?

Arctus is free to store, send & receive your coins! You can use our on-board Shapeshift exchange to shift your tokens but the minimum Shapeshift fees apply there (apart from miner fees).

Do you keep any of my data?

Arctus is a client-side web based cryptocurrency wallet for storing and transmitting different cryptocurrencies. It is an open source project with no database behind it. It stores no information. All wallet private keys and passwords are held by the user.

How does the Username & Password work?

Our main goal of the Arctus wallet is to create the most simplistic wallet possible. As a result, we are generating a multi-currency wallet by deterministically deriving the private key(s) with a combination of your username and password locally to enable you to access your wallet from multiple computers.

Although your private key is stored within your computer, upon generation it is encrypted with a pseudo-random session key generated within the website tab. Other websites do not have access to your session key as it is kept within your session’s memory.

Can I peak inside the code?

The application is licensed under the GPL 3.0 open source license. We intended to keep the source code open to maximize our transparency and reliability! Also we are open to community suggestions so feel free to visit our Github page and look around!

If Arctus is down, can I retrieve my funds?

Even if the website is out of service, everyone can use their private key to retrieve their assets from other wallets.

Balances not loading or showing on Arctus

This is most likely due to the fact hit your hourly-API-limit.

The easiest way to check your balance is to simple paste your public address in one of the following next websites.



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Will you add more coins & tokens?

There have been multiple requests for adding more tokens and we are on it! We are prioritizing this feature as it revolves around boosting the wallet’s core functionality.